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Love Your Body-Live the Fit Lifestyle

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

If loving your body is a crime, then I’m as guilty as anyone. My assumption is, if you’re reading this article, then you’re also likely as guilty as me – ... More

Mental Toughness - Do You Have What It Takes?

Posted in: Real People

Years and years ago, when I? was in high school, my family and I would all gather around the TV every Saturday night to watch a show called, “The Wide ... More


Posted in: Workout Guide

Just as fighters must meet weight requirements to be in their official weight class, others struggling with weight gain may have their own fighting weight in mind – the place ... More

Get To Know Bell Peppers

Posted in: Recipes

Did you know that bell peppers, a.k.a. sweet peppers, belong to the nightshade family, which includes eggplant, tomatoes, and potatoes? And, they’re a fruit, not a vegetable. Christopher Columbus is ... More

5 Nutrients That Boost Muscle Strength & Tone

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Everyone who engages in a physical fitness program has one thing in common: they wish to improve muscle strength and tone. But what exactly do these terms mean? Strength is ... More

Fun Ways To Get Your Daily Protein

Posted in: Recipes

Does the thought of slamming down another protein shake make you cringe? If so, keep reading! As a trainer, I encourage my clients to use a protein supplement because of ... More

Unique Partnership To Help First Responders' and Youth Athletes

Posted in: Real People

Da Rulk, a.k.a. Joseph Sakoda, is bringing his no-nonsense Always Can® brand to the premier active nutrition company, Max Muscle Nutrition in an effort to help first responders and elite ... More

Personal Accountability: Are You Committed To Your Word?

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

How many times have you pledged to do something only to not live up to your word or your commitment? It’s happened to me more times than I would like ... More

Develop Flexibility, Strength, and Cardiovascular Ability for Overall Health

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

The word “exercise” conjures up different images for different people. Some envision themselves on the gym floor lifting heavy weights while others prefer long, solitary runs. Finally, there are those ... More

Common Signs of Iron Deficiency and What To Do About It

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Have you been feeling chronically exhausted lately? Do you have headaches, cold hands and feet, and feel dizzy? Has your appetite decreased? Are you baffled by these problems, but don’t ... More

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